How to quickly clean up the apartment: help simple rules of cleaning

Posted by: 20.01.2018

Cleaning an apartment or a house can be of two types: current and general. Let's talk about current cleaning. To quickly and effectively cope with this task, you need to follow simple rules of cleaning the house, which will help to finish the job in a short time and with the best result.

Rooms and corridor

By the time a full cleaning of a standard 3-room apartment, even a very neglected one, with the right approach, it will take 3-5 hours. The main thing - to follow simple rules of cleaning.

Where to start:

  1. Make all the beds in the apartment.
  2. Alternately, in each room and in the corridor, lay out things: put clothes in the closet, put shoes on the shelves, put children's toys in a large box (a large bag, a box under the bed, etc., the main thing is that they do not lie under their feet), arrange books, combs, cosmetics, varnishes - all in one big beautician.
  3. Along the way, carry with you a large garbage bag to immediately throw away the trash - candy wrappers, banana peel, waste paper and other debris.
  4. If you get dirty dishes in your hand, immediately carry them to the kitchen, throw off the dirty laundry first in one corner, and then put everything in the laundry basket at once (the washing will be later).

The procedure for cleaning the apartment

Here such a moment is important: laying out things in their places during the current cleaning of an apartment (house), do not immediately try to clean everything in the closet, in the chest of drawers, sort the books, photos or conservation. For this there will be time later. If you hook on cleaning in any one place, then the whole apartment will remain uncleaned for a couple of days. And our primary task is a clean home! Get to the cabinets later. This is an important rule for cleaning the house, it must be observed.

So, we looked around - the beds were made, everything was in place, there was no visible linen and dishes in the rooms. Next - to the kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen

Quickly clean the kitchen easier than it seems at first glance. Here will help this order of cleaning:

  1. Free up space on at least one table, folding everything even into a corner on the floor, carefully wipe the table, cover it with a clean towel, or place a dishwasher on it. The workplace is ready.
  2. Remove from the sink all the dirty dishes, where it fits (you can also just in the corner on the floor, just to get under your feet).
  3. Wash the sink with a cleaning agent and start washing the dishes (preferably with a liquid grease cleaner). Clean plates, cups, spoons, etc., immediately fold to a clean table or dryer. Once the table is full, lay the dishes in place, again freeing up the workplace. And so on until there is not a single dirty vessel left. If you have a dishwasher, then everything will be easier. But one goal - the first thing to get rid of dirty dishes.
  4. Now deal with products - what's in the closet, what's in the fridge, what's in the trash.
  5. Thoroughly wipe all the tables, wash the stove, sink. Take out the garbage, put a fresh garbage bag in the bucket.

Housekeeping rules

Now the kitchen shines! Advice - do not start to wash the refrigerator. This will take away a lot of your time. It is better to put it in a queue with cabinets, for example, tomorrow, when you wake up fresh in a clean apartment and with new forces you will undertake to impose a point order.


Now the rules of cleaning the apartment suggest restoring order in the bathroom. The action algorithm here is:

  1. Pour the toilet into 30-35 minutes with the tool.
  2. In places decomposed bathing, soap and shaving accessories.
  3. Wash the bath, sink, mirror.
  4. 15-20 minutes to relax, during this time will have time to act means, and the toilet will be easy to clean.

House Cleaning Rules

At this stage, you can throw the wash in the washing machine. Why not before? Because you will be busy sorting / loading laundry, and dirty dishes in the kitchen will be waiting. And so at this stage you have almost clean apartment!

The final stage

Remove the covers from the couch and chairs and squeeze them out on the balcony (on the landing, it’s better not to do this - the neighbors will not be thrilled). If the weather is bad, just walk around the bedspreads with a wet rag (hand) to collect the villi, hair, dust.

Walk with a damp cloth in all rooms and wipe dust everywhere - on windowsills, tables, dressers, open shelves, shelves, TV and computer. Along the way, wash all switches, sockets, door handles. Quickly, with one stroke of your hand, wipe the polished surfaces with a special tool (if there is no money, leave it so that this item will be in line with the wardrobe cleaning and refrigerator cleaning). Be sure to wash the mirrors in the apartment! Stains on mirror surfaces are very noticeable, and they will negate your cleaning efforts. But in no case start to wash the windows or chandeliers! These items are for general cleaning. Water the flowers.

Now the order of cleaning the apartment involves a vacuum cleaner or a broom. After it is necessary to wash the floor (you can add a cap of whiteness to a bucket of water to disinfect the room). Open the windows to let in fresh air, and go yourself to take a shower.

A few words in conclusion

We forgot about the washing machine: the laundry is still spinning there. Nothing wrong. It washes his machine, and you can hang it all up later. After a shower, it's great to drink a cup of green tea with lemon (you can't drink coffee: you already worked hard, you should not give an extra load on your heart) and lie down for an hour. You can watch a light movie - your house shines, and you deserve a rest!

And just one more tip: to clean the house It was more fun, put your favorite energetic music. You can arrange the semblance of a relay: set yourself the goal to overcome a certain stage of cleaning for one song.

As you can see, the rules of cleaning the apartment are very simple, they will help each hostess to quickly bring order to the house.

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