Useful tips for cleaning the house

Posted by: 26.12.2017

Dust and garbage in the apartment not only spoil the mood of all households and make them less likely to spend time with their families. Dirt is a common cause of allergic reactions. It serves as a breeding ground for many bacteria harmful to the body. High-quality cleaning of the house can save the day; useful tips given below will be useful for the young hostess to maintain perfect order.

Choosing a cleaning method

In order for the results of the harvesting to be preserved for a long time, it is necessary to teach family members to immediately lay things in the right places and wash the dishes with them. If this rule becomes a habit, much less energy will be spent on caring for the house. It is important to teach the child to value cleanliness, folding toys and helping mom.

Our home cleaning tips are easy to use in different situations. Depending on the employment, you can choose several options for cleaning the apartment.

  1. For housewives great daily cleaning. During it, you need to wipe the accumulated dust, wash the dishes and clean the plumbing.
  2. For people who work a lot and rarely appear at home, it’s enough 2 times in 7 days to refresh floors and get rid of dust.
  3. Once a week to carry out high-quality cleaning should be in every home. You need to choose a specific day, bring households to the process and vacuum the carpets, clean the tiles, kitchen cabinets, bathroom and floors. In addition, a good housewife must have time to wash and iron clothes.

So that the dwelling will always be clean, the general cleaning of the house is done once a month in 3, advice on how to do it: clean all windows, tidy up the ceilings, clean the hood, carpets and upholstered furniture.

Choosing a cleaning method

We clean the room

The first step is to open the window and let in the refreshing air. Carefully make the bed and do the folding of things on the table, shelves and in the cabinets. In the process of work throw out all unnecessary things, sort the clothes and put them in their places.

  1. If there are pots with flowers on the windowsill, do not forget to clean the sheets of dust when cleaning them and wipe the plastic containers with a clean rag.
  2. The dust accumulated on the wallpaper needs to be collected with a vacuum cleaner. Stains can be removed with bread crumb. Children's drawings in pencil are well wiped with an eraser. Fatty blots - refined gasoline.
  3. Frosted glass in bookcases or doors quickly become dirty. To get rid of stains, dilute in 1 l hot water 2 Art. l vinegar, rinse them and wipe dry.

Once every few months, it is advisable to twist the carpet on the floor, take out to the yard and dislodge dust. In winter it is good to use snow for cleaning. During the weekly cleaning it is enough to clean the carpet, sofas and chairs with a vacuum cleaner.

In the end, you want to wipe the shelves, wooden cabinets "Pronto" - polish for furniture and wash the floor.

We clean the room

We clean the kitchen

Food is prepared in the kitchen, so special attention should be paid to its purification. Using our cleaning tips, you can always keep it clean.

  1. After cooking, wash the dishes thoroughly and place them in places.
  2. Clean the stove with a cleaning agent. For this, Cif gel is well suited.
  3. Instead, you can spray the vinegar on the surface, pour soda on top, wait until the chemical reaction is over, and remove the foam with a damp cloth.
  4. Wipe kitchen cabinets, table, tile. Dilute the cap "Domestos" in a liter of hot water and process the sink.
  5. Sweep and clean the floors. So that there are no stains on the linoleum, add the necessary amount of “Mr. Proper. " The consumption rates for 1 l of water can be read in the instructions.

On these actions to clean the kitchen takes no more than 15-20 minutes. If done regularly, the workspace will shine with freshness and cleanliness.

We clean the kitchen

We clean the bathroom

Cleanliness in the bathroom and toilet is of paramount importance to health. To prevent the development of fungi and pathogens, use the advice of our experts when cleaning.

  1. Taps and chrome parts in the bath or shower should be regularly cleaned of limestone deposits and rust. Special solution copes well with them. Combine hydrogen peroxide with 1: 1 salmon ammonium chloride, treat the correct places or use the Cillit product.
  2. In order to clean the bath, metal scrapers and hard brushes are not suitable, they can damage its coating. Use sponges that gently clean the enamel.
  3. Quickly whiten the bath easily by “CifUltraWhite”. The cream should be applied to the surface, wait a bit and rinse. Remove brown on the enamel can be improvised. Make a solution by mixing vinegar, salt in the same proportion and use for cleaning.
  4. The toilet requires close attention. Treat it systematically with a brush and disinfect with a Domestic or Toilet Duck.

Once a month, wash the tiles and lubricate the joints with a special substance that protects against the appearance of mold. Wipe the floor several times a week, shelves on which personal care products are kept, and a door handle. Do not forget about the mirror. In the bathroom, water spots often appear on it. Clean them with spray “Mr. Muscle. "

These house cleaning tips are easy to follow. They will help bring order to quality, quickly and effortlessly.

We clean the bathroom


  • After purchasing a new broom do not rush to use it immediately. Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of salt in a bucket of hot water, immerse in a broom there for 5 minutes and let it dry. It will become softer and last longer.
  • It is recommended to oil the kitchen in the kitchen once a week with milk and vinegar. This simple recipe will prevent cracking and premature spoilage.
  • To make the glass shine, wash them with water and starch. Consumption rate - 1 Art. l on xnumx l water.
  • Old limestone deposits are easy to clean with ammonia. Stir 3 Art. l means in a glass of water, soak the bloom and after a quarter of an hour, clean it with a soft sponge.
  • To restore the cleanliness of the cutting board, dilute the 200 Art. l vinegar and process the wooden surface. Then put sea salt on the board, cut the lemon in half. Brush with citrus board, rubbing salt. Rinse with water, dry. At the end, dampen a cloth with vegetable oil and thoroughly soak the wood.

Glitter windows

Use our advice, and cleaning the house will always bring joy and satisfaction.

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