Why do you need wet and regular cleaning of the house, how to carry out it quickly and efficiently

Posted by: 19.12.2017

Wet cleaning of the house or apartment is associated with cleaning all surfaces in the room from dirt and dust, using moisture. And also tidy implies mandatory airing, and air purification from dust particles, since in a polluted room it is literally saturated with it. But the house dust is not safe, it can threaten a person with the development of serious lung diseases.

Daily wet cleaning: the secrets and rules of a clean house

Keeping the house clean is the most relevant, if not even the first priority, for any hostess.

Bringing order to create comfort and coziness in the house implies a daily wet tidy with the distribution of the fronts of work for the gradual bringing the house clean.

Therefore, in order for the cleaning to bring real pleasure, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge offered, in this article, and the important secrets of carrying out this simple, at first glance, procedure.

Wet cleaning

What is the importance of wet cleaning

Any hostess independently selects a schedule for home cleaning. The regularity of such a tidy depends not only on those or other preferences of the household, but also on the characteristics of residence, as well as the health of all family members.

According to the rules, tidy wet method should be carried out almost every day, especially if:

  • Some of the people living in the house have respiratory system diseases or allergic reactions, for example, to the same dust;
  • Animals live in the apartment along with the person;
  • The room overlooks the roadway;
  • The house has small children.

Conducting wet tidy need every day to fill the house with fresh air, well, for its cleanliness.

Preparing to tidy by selecting the necessary inventory

The key to fast and high-quality wet tidy is the preparation of all that can be useful in the process of cleaning a house or apartment.

It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning using the following equipment:

  • The washing vacuum cleaner or the broom carefully moistened in water;
  • Basins and buckets. The bucket is used for water and subsequent washing of floors. A basin of water is needed to wet the wipes in it, which collect dust from existing surfaces;
  • Rags or napkins. Moreover, one of them will be needed for wet cleaning of surfaces, the other for their final rubbing or removal of a dusty layer from coatings that do not absorb water;
  • Detergents, but only in view of the absence of allergic reactions among any household;
  • Additional funds in the form of stools, ladders and other items that facilitate the process of the event itself.

Wet cleaning will be much faster and more comfortable for the hostess, if the entire inventory will be at hand and in one place.

What is a wet house cleaning and how to carry it out?

Wet cleaning of the apartment, what is it? You can answer this question as follows: complex wet cleaning of an apartment or house means cleaning all surfaces with moisture.

Therefore, with the general wet tidy, you can do the following:

  • Engage in breeding old stains;
  • Carry out activities to restore the color of a floor covering;
  • Wash the floor, tiles, mirrors and more;

In general, to do all that, in terms of tidy to which recently did not reach out.

Wet cleaning

Wet floor cleaning

Wet cleaning of hard flooring is the most frequently undertaken procedure in this area. When using a washing vacuum cleaner, for example, a device such as Thomas, you can get rid of almost any dirt and turn the floor into a shining, clean floor. Nozzles, adapters, brushes and everything that this vacuum cleaner is equipped with are designed specifically to ensure that wet cleaning of floors is easy and of high quality.

And although not every flooring suffers moisture, for example, marble does not tolerate specially manufactured various types of vacuum cleaners and accessories attached to them are excellent helpers specializing in wet cleaning of a particular floor.

Wet cleaning of carpets and similar surfaces

Wet cleaning of the apartment also implies cleaning of carpets, carpet and various rugs that require thorough treatment, both with water and with special means for such washing.

But a situation happens when you do not need to wash the carpet completely, but you need to remove this or that stain. This can be easily and quickly done using different attachments going to the vacuum cleaner and tools specifically designed for removing stains and cleaning carpets. After that, to even out the color and make the whole carpet clean, you can use a special brush with water to walk over its entire surface.

Wet cleaning and stain removal from upholstered furniture

Wet cleaning of furniture, upholstered, in the form of armchairs and sofas is carried out by using special nozzles solid around the edges in order to avoid damage to the color gamut of furniture by a method of not only cleaning, but also drawing moisture from it.

Thanks to such an accurate method of cleaning, all stains are removed from upholstered furniture, and it becomes not only clean, but also practically dry.

Wet cleaning of tile in the house or apartment

Cleaning tile, this method - this is the most frequent type of tidy, resorted to the hostess. And all because this flooring is most often located in passage rooms. You can, of course, choose the easiest way to wash the tile using an ordinary rag. But after it there can be stains on the surface of the tile, especially on the black or dark tile. Therefore, it is better to wash the tile with a washing vacuum cleaner using a special rubber nozzle. With this wash, the cleanliness and brilliance of the tile will be guaranteed!

Bathroom and cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner

The bathroom, of course, will become cleaner if, for example, to clean the protective spray curtain or an existing shower stall with a vacuum cleaner. But the best result can be achieved if you first apply a means of limescale to the surface, and after a few minutes wash it off with water using a floor brush. The result will exceed all expectations!

Wet cleaning in the house

Everyday wet cleaning of the room is made using special microfiber cloths and a nozzle from a vacuum cleaner that works like a mop. This method of cleaning can not only collect dust by suction of a vacuum cleaner, but also polish the floors thanks to the napkins placed on its nozzle.

This method of cleaning can save time, because you do not need to first vacuum and then wash the floors. And get at once the cleanest floors and their complete disinfection.

Chaos in the house: where it is better to start cleaning

In modern man, time is distributed by the minute, and sometimes there is a catastrophic lack of cleaning up an apartment or house. But sooner or later, a person still begins to understand that it is urgently necessary to start cleaning a house or apartment, since it is impossible to live in a mess anymore!

Wet cleaning in the house should be done in stages and begin:

  1. With tidy own things and putting them in their places;
  2. After that, start cleaning surfaces (furniture, mirrors, household appliances) from dust using a damp cloth, napkin, well, or vacuum cleaner;
  3. Then, to clean carpets and rugs using a vacuum cleaner;
  4. For wet cleaning of flooring.

That is to carry out cleaning from above, gradually moving down.

What is wet cleaning

Tidying the house and cooking are harmful to women's health

Buying a large amount of food, cleaning the house and preparing food, a woman really risks her health. Scientists have concluded that such a lively lifestyle can lead to heart disease. Since all this burden and nerve costs entirely lie only on the shoulders of a woman.

To reduce this burden, scientists advise not to be heroic and do household chores with the family, distributing responsibilities among its members.

House and cleaning in it

If the wet cleaning of the room is finished, you should switch your attention to the toilet and bathroom, where you first need to clean all plumbing from dirt by special means, and then proceed to the washing of mirrors, windows and other surfaces.

Then you can go to cleaning the kitchen described method. Here, for removing not only dirt, but also fat, the hostess will need special cleaning products.

Wet cleaning method: rules and secrets

When wet cleaning, the easiest and easiest way to mop floors is a phased movement from the far corner of a room or house with a gradual movement towards the doors. And after the transition to mopping in the corridor, where most of the dirt and dust.

Easy wet cleaning involves the use of the following items:

  • Panicles for dust removal under the name - pipidaster, which can remove even the smallest particles of dust;
  • Mops in the form of twisted ropes similar to noodles;
  • Mops with sponges, which are wrung out using special mechanisms;
  • Mops with fasteners for attachments (brushes or napkins);
  • Vacuum cleaner.

Wet cleaning of the apartment

You must understand that the above items, especially mops, are designed for cleaning and washing different types of floor coverings, each of which responds to moisture differently.

What do you do wet cleaning?

The main objective of this event is to remove dust, bacteria, viruses remaining, after carrying out a dry type of tidy. Moreover, only when wet cleaning can cope with various kinds of stains.

When wet cleaning, you can destroy all the dust from the surfaces and soaring in the air, and with it dust mites, causing many allergies.

How to clean the wet method correctly?

Now, knowing that such a wet cleaning is necessary to consolidate the rules and methods of organizing this event.

Traditionally, cleaning is carried out:

  • Cleaning carpets of dust with a vacuum cleaner or using the method of knocking out;
  • Removing dust from all surfaces of the home interior;
  • Washing floors manually or using available tools, for example, mops;

The final stage may be airing the room and flavoring the air.

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