How to permanently get rid of the mouse smell in the house

Posted by: 05.03.2018

Mice in the house - a hotbed of infections and odor. Neighborhood with them brings a lot of problems. Rodents spoil furniture, wires, destroy food stocks and actively mark the territory. People who are faced with a problem are interested in how to get rid of the smell of mice in the house and permanently discourage gray pests.

First actions

If you do not clear the area of ​​rodents, the amber will intensify every day. So the first thing to do is start fighting mice. The easiest way to scare them away is to have a cat. Rodents instantly feel the predator and try to leave the house. If you do not want to buy a pet, take it for a few weeks with friends. This time is enough to get rid of mice.

  1. Modern technology does not stand still.
  2. You can buy an ultrasonic repeller.
  3. A small device makes sounds that are not audible to the human ear, which are perceived by rodents as a danger signal.
  4. The instinct of self-preservation makes them flee from a strange place away.

How to get rid of the smell of mice in the house

Some people trust the old proven methods that our ancestors used more. Rodents can't stand the smell:

  • peppermint;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • the tar.

Soak the cotton wool with mint essential oil and place it in all the rooms in the house. Instead, you can use a solution of manganese or Vishnevsky ointment, smelling of tar.

What you need to remove odor

The characteristic mouse smell appears through the fault of numerous excrement and from the labels that the male puts, attracting the female. So do not only wild rodents, but also homemade decorative mice. When the animal lives in a cage, the problem is easily solved by regular cleaning of its home. If the tags are set by a stray rodent, you will have to wash the entire apartment.

Before you remove the smell of mice in the house, prepare the necessary ingredients:

  • table vinegar;
  • manganese;
  • bleach;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Using aggressive substances for processing, be sure to wear rubber gloves on your hands and ventilate the room well.

We use vinegar and manganese

If you are looking for a simple and reliable way to get rid of the smell of a mouse in the house, adopt the vinegar. It perfectly disinfects and eliminates extraneous odors.

  1. Pre-clean all available places in the room of rodent excrement.
  2. Type in a bucket of water. For each liter, add a spoonful of vinegar 5.
  3. Wash floors and furniture with a solution.
  4. At the end, fill the bottle with a spray with liquid and spray all the walls and cabinets that emit amber.
  5. In the first days after processing, the aroma of vinegar will firmly settle in the room, but it will quickly disappear along with the smell of mice.

To protect the house from infections that carry rodents, and from the pests themselves, helps manganese. Prepare a strong solution by adding the right amount of crystals to the water. Dampen a cloth and thoroughly wash the floor and household items.

How to apply chlorine

Bleach destroys all germs, eliminates unpleasant odor and deters rodents. For processing, you can use the "Whiteness". It is sold in any department of household chemicals.

To the smell of mice in the house no longer bothered, the tool must be applied in its pure form. Be sure to wear gloves and a respirator to prevent bleach from entering the lungs.

  1. Pour the liquid into the plastic bucket.
  2. Wet a piece of foam rubber in it and treat the floor, corners and other places of possible accumulation of pests.
  3. Remove children and pets from the house during disinfection. They will be able to return only after a long airing of all the rooms.
  4. Chlorine is a great way to get rid of the smell of mice in a private house, garage or basement.

To fix the result and complete destruction of pathogens after treatment with chlorine, it is recommended to wipe the surfaces with hydrogen peroxide.


In order to no longer have to look for a way to remove the smell from mice in the house, it is necessary to prevent the repeated invasion of gray pests. You need regular preventive measures.

  1. Weekly do a wet cleaning in the house, treating the surface with a solution of potassium permanganate. It is odorless and reliably repels mice.
  2. Ventilate rooms regularly, rodents do not tolerate drafts.
  3. Explore the premises and eliminate all the holes through which mice can enter the dwelling.
  4. Store food overnight in hard-to-reach places and store the cereal in a tightly closed container. The smell of food attracts pests and makes them return to the house.
  5. If the problem of mice has arisen in a private house, make sure that the garbage cans are located at a considerable distance from the premises.

Adhere to these recommendations, and you do not have to wrestle with how to remove the smell of mice in the house. It will be reliably protected from rodents.

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