How to plug holes in the concrete floor?

Posted by: 22.10.2018

Good day. I have a hole in the floor, around the riser, after the repair. Rats constantly climb out of it, since I live on the ground floor. Tell me what and most importantly how to seal a hole in the concrete floor so that these rodents no longer penetrate into the apartment.

This problem occurs in many residents of old houses, which have basements. In this case, it is immediately worth noting that the use of toxic substances does not practically help. It is necessary to completely block the access of rodents to the apartment, which means that it is necessary to seal a hole in the concrete floor using materials that rats cannot gnaw.


First of all, you should examine the room and determine if there are any other holes through which rodents enter the room. The fact is that in some old houses the lounger, which departs from the pipe of the riser, has below the floor level. Therefore, there may be several holes that are used by rats.

Typically, access to the basements of such buildings is difficult or almost completely absent approach to a particular place. Given this, you need to make work on the expansion of the hole, so that it can be repaired from above. It is very important to do this in such a way that a kind of funnel with a narrow neck to the bottom is formed. So it will be easier to seal holes in the concrete floor, without worrying that the cork created will fall out after a certain time.

Tip! Since all the work will be done near the pipes, you must be very careful not to damage them. In many homes, plastic plumbing systems have been standing for a long time, which very poorly tolerate physical impact.


To do the job you will need:

  • cement;
  • sand;
  • water;
  • gravel;
  • pieces of reinforcement or thick wire;
  • small plywood, although in the case of rats, you can use glass.

Immediately it must be said that when deciding on how to seal holes in the concrete floor, preference should be given to concrete solutions. The fact is that rats cannot gnaw rubble, and by completing with glass you can get the maximum result.


At this stage, you need to lay the plywood or glass on the bottom of the resulting funnel. This overlap will serve to hold the solution in the hole and perform the function of a kind of formwork.

Next, you should place the armature. Usually it is used only in cases where the hole in the floor is too large. It strengthens the cork and serves to communicate with the floor slabs. If the floor is made of two panels, then it is installed in the space between them. Some masters prefer to use a reinforcing mesh. This is considered an ideal option, but you should not buy it only for such purposes.

If the hole includes a water pipe or sewage pipe, then it must be protected from the stresses that will arise when concrete expands as a result of heating from climatic conditions. To do this, use a special damper tape, wrapping it around the pipe at the level of its passage through the overlap.

Mortar and pouring

Deciding on how to seal a hole in the concrete floor, many begin to invent their own formulas for creating concrete and apply various additives. In fact, everything is quite simple. We take three pieces of sand, which we mix with one piece of cement. Add a little water to the dry mix so that the solution has a consistency like thick sour cream.

Then at the bottom of the hole pour the finished mixture, a layer of one centimeter. After that, we begin to lay out a layer of rubble, making up the stones tightly to each other. Next, pour another solution to cover the rubble. As a result, the solution should take half the depth of the hole.

Tip! It is very important to ensure that the mixture penetrates into all the gaps between the gravel. Some craftsmen use a small stick or thick wire, which trampled the concrete. As a result, there should be no empty seats or air bubbles.

Some masters, answering the question of how to plug holes in the concrete floor, recommend to fill in one go. This saves a lot of time and allows you to get a monolithic tube. This solution is considered to be correct when working with thin slabs and shallow holes. If the hole is quite large, then the fill is produced in two stages so that the solution in its volume does not give cracks or strong shrinkage.

Given this approach, let it freeze to the first layer. Usually it takes no more than a day. Since the final hardening is not necessary to wait.

Tip! If the filling will be done in several stages, then you should not immediately prepare a large amount of the solution. The remains will have to be thrown away, which will lead to waste of materials.

The second stage of filling is performed according to the principle of primary concreting. At the same time, it is also possible to put glass on the bottom of the pit in order to completely exclude the possibility of rats entering the room. Then pour a layer of mortar, rubble and solution again.

When the hole is filled flush with the floor, level the solution with a spatula, creating a smooth surface. It should be noted that if the surface is covered with tiles or another coating, then the alignment is done on the same level as the tie.

At the final stage, you can lay tiles or a floor covering used in this room. Usually after repair there always remain small pieces that should not be thrown into the garbage.

Bottom line: answering the question of how to seal a hole in the concrete floor and at the same time block access to the rodents' room, we considered the option of making a concrete cork. At the same time, the composition of the solution includes crushed stone, which the rats cannot bite through, and the presence of glass bridges completely eliminates this problem. However, it must be remembered that such work should be done only after the rodents have left the premises. Otherwise, they will remain in the apartment and will not be able to leave on their own in the basement.

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