Repair and decoration Repair and decoration
Polymer floors - a young and modern solution that will be excellent for both residential and office buildings. What are the features of the self-leveling polymer floor technology, and how is it formed?
Buying plumbing equipment constantly forces the customer to make a difficult decision, since there is a huge range on the market. The selection of plumbing is carried out according to various parameters: material and high quality, reliability. The newest plumbing ...
One of the basic needs of modern man is almost daily implementation of water procedures. Someone bath or shower helps wake up, others, on the contrary, fall asleep. In any case, the resulting effect has a significant impact ...
3D-floor is an excellent decorative solution, with which you can make your home very attractive and unusual for guests. Is it possible to make a 3D floor independently, and what do you need about it ...
Gender is the most important element of any room, the arrangement of which should be approached with responsibility and intelligence. Self-leveling floors - one of the best flooring options for the home. How to do it right?
How to apply a liquid wallpaper to avoid stains. The procedure for detecting contamination on the treated wall.
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Repair and decoration

Repair work for most people is associated with routine, unpleasant procedures and a great waste of time, money and effort. So it happens in practice, but only if the wrong approach to repair and decoration. Few people know, but even the dirtiest and most difficult repairs can be greatly simplified and done if not pleasant, then at least neutral. Since you have already visited our portal, you have a great opportunity to turn troublesome repairs in your apartment into an easy and affordable event.

On the portal you will find a lot of articles - this is a walkthrough, a collection of tips and advice with photos and video. All of them describe how to properly select and store building materials, how to install doors and windows, design interior design, decorate walls, ceilings and floors, install plumbing equipment and carry out communications with their own hands. From the materials on the site you will learn how to handle tools and building materials, to do all the work neatly and beautifully. This section is actively filled, so visit it more often - so you will not miss interesting articles!