Wiring Wiring
In open wiring, breaking the circuit is easy to detect. It is much more difficult to detect problems in hidden wiring. It is strictly forbidden to use home-made devices for work with electricity. Such home-made devices include electrical ...


Electricity plays a big role in our lives. In every, even the most dilapidated house, today there is a wiring. Not only the stability of the supply of electricity consumers, but also security depends on the quality of electrical wiring. Most people do not even have basic knowledge in the field of household electrics, which often leads to incorrect attempts to solve the problems on their own. We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with our wiring manuals, and only then get to work with your own hands.

In this section, we have collected the best walkthroughs, review articles, collections of recommendations and tips, which in one way or another relate to the topic of electricity in modern houses and city apartments. From here you will learn how to detect damage in hidden wiring using an indicator, how to properly handle electrical appliances, and also repeat the electrical safety rules. Despite the fact that we do not advise you to interfere with the wiring with your own hands, getting knowledge on this topic will definitely not hurt you. This section is actively filled with new articles and wiring guides - do not miss the current entries.