How to detect damage in a hidden wiring using the indicator

Posted by: 16.11.2017

In open wiring, breaking the circuit is easy to detect. It is much more difficult to detect problems in hidden wiring. It is strictly forbidden to use home-made devices for work with electricity. Such homemade devices include an electric lamp, screwed into a cartridge that has two pieces of electrical wire. In the people, this device is called the “control” bulb. Electricians often use such an improvised device, thereby exposing themselves to injury.

To search for damage in the hidden wiring should be used indicator "DONGHUA 48NS". Such devices have many functions, they have no wires, convenient for carrying in a pocket of clothes. Here is an example of troubleshooting using the “DONGHUA 48NS” indicator:

In our case, the apartment has hidden wiring under the plaster. A hidden electrical outlet does not work in one of the rooms. Our first step in troubleshooting is to de-energize the electrical network. You can do this in two ways: turn off the entire apartment completely or turn off the machine that supplies voltage to the room where the fault is located (it is necessary to know the location of electrical appliances in your electrical panel).

Check the condition of the inside of the outlet by opening the protective cover. Making sure that the contacts are working, you should turn on the electrical network. Troubleshooting in the network to produce an indicator should be in the presence of electricity in the network.

The installed “0” function determines the presence of voltage when the tip of the indicator is in contact with the current-carrying parts. By setting the “H” function on the indicator, which determines the presence of voltage, without touching the current-carrying parts. This function can determine the presence of electricity at a distance of five centimeters under a layer of building material.

It remains for us, when the supply voltage is turned on, to hold the tip of the indicator in the place where the electrical wires are hidden and to detect the place of damage.

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