Wall decoration Wall decoration
How to apply a liquid wallpaper to avoid stains. The procedure for detecting contamination on the treated wall.
Step by step instructions for the use of wallpaper on flizilinovoy basis. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl wallpaper.
Step-by-step instructions from the calculation of the material to the installation of plastic panels with their own hands, without the help of specialists.

Wall decoration

Decorating walls inside an apartment or a private house is often considered one of the dirtiest procedures, which is associated with debris, time and effort, as well as unpleasant smells of glue, paint and other building materials. Many people do not even know how to glue wallpapers, not to mention the implementation of other types of interior decoration. If you want to independently equip your home from the inside, but do not have the experience and knowledge, do not worry. In the rubric “Wall decoration” of our portal you can find all the necessary information!

After reading the articles in this section, you will learn a lot of valuable information that you can immediately put into practice. Site materials are presented in the form of collections with tips and recommendations, as well as in the format of successive instructions and step-by-step guides with photos and videos. From them you will learn how to choose the right finishing materials, how to glue wallpaper and paint the walls, where it is cheaper to buy consumables, what tools and equipment can be useful for work. We are working on filling the section, so interesting and useful guides are added regularly.