Laying the floor Laying the floor
Polymer floors - a young and modern solution that will be excellent for both residential and office buildings. What are the features of the self-leveling polymer floor technology, and how is it formed?
3D-floor is an excellent decorative solution, with which you can make your home very attractive and unusual for guests. Is it possible to make a 3D floor independently, and what do you need about it ...
Gender is the most important element of any room, the arrangement of which should be approached with responsibility and intelligence. Self-leveling floors - one of the best flooring options for the home. How to do it right?
Today, self-leveling floors are a great alternative to other floor coverings, which are gradually disappearing into oblivion. How does the self-leveling polymer floor, what are its features and advantages, how to equip it on the basis of wood?
The flooring in the corridor should be as durable and resistant to wear as these characteristics can boast with self-leveling floors. What are their advantages and features, how to make them yourself?
The kitchen floor should be not only attractive, but also strong, resistant to wear, reliable and durable. All these strict requirements are met by the self-leveling floor. How to make it at home with your own hands?
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Laying the floor

Few people pay much attention to the floors in the house - the man’s gaze is directed forward, and falls to the floor quite rarely. But this does not mean that you can treat the flooring carelessly. Today, there is a large selection of floors, including self-leveling floors, which not only do an excellent job with a high level of stress, but also perform a decorative function. If you are interested in arranging self-leveling floors with your own hands, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the assortment of articles located in this section of the site!

The heading presents the mass of useful and valuable materials that are directly or indirectly connected with the arrangement of floors in country houses and city apartments. From the articles you will learn what self-leveling polymer floors are, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, what materials are needed for their arrangement, and what problems can be encountered in the implementation of the plan. There are both reviews and a selection of recommendations. Not without step-by-step tutorials with attached photos. We recommend that you check this section as often as possible, as the materials are regularly updated here.