How to choose a suspended ceiling: for home, bedroom, in the bathroom

Posted by: 05.02.2018

Once, when the old ceiling is not pleasing to the eye, we have to think about a new, beautiful, and easy-to-install ceiling. All these qualities combines the stretch ceiling. But in order not to be trapped and choose it correctly, you need to understand the stretch ceilings in more detail.

What is a stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceiling - canvas, from the material of the density of which is very different, stretched around the perimeter of the entire ceiling on the installed frame. This canvas looks very beautiful. There are many colors in which stretch ceilings are produced, so there are plenty of opportunities for fantasy. In addition to the various colors in which fabrics of stretch ceilings are presented, there are various textures.

What is the difference between PVC and fabric stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings PVC are stretched film over the entire ceiling. The maximum ceiling width of this material is 3 m. In the case where the ceiling has a width greater than 3 meters, another strip is welded. The result is a solid piece of film that has a neat, almost invisible seam. The texture of the film can be both glossy and satin, and matte. Therefore, problems with the choice of colors and textures will not be.

Among the advantages can be identified full waterproof and low price. Workmanship is also at altitude, although inferior to fabric. Also, these stretch ceilings are less durable than fabric and are subject to the negative effects of negative temperatures, which is reflected in their crackles. If you only use them in well heated rooms, they will last you a long time.

Fabric ceilings are much more expensive than PVC, but compared to the latter, they have a number of advantages. In fact, it is not even a fabric, but a net impregnated with polymers on both sides. Among the advantages over film ceilings are:

  • High strength, which allows ceilings not to be afraid of sharp objects;
  • Permits air to pass through itself, making it possible to install them by blocking the vent;
  • The width of the fabric is greater by 2 m, so it is usually not necessary to sew fabric ceilings;
  • Fabric ceilings can be painted, which increases the range of their use;
  • Resistance to frost, allowing them to be used on unheated balconies, etc.

What you need to know about the textures of the ceiling?

For film and fabric ceilings you can choose at least three textures:

  1. Matte;
  2. Glossy;
  3. Sateen.

First of all, the choice of the invoice depends on the purpose of the purchase. If the goal is to buy the cheapest ceiling, then a matte texture would be a good option. Despite the cheapness of this ceiling will delight with its beauty and quality. At the same time it fits almost any design. To create a more luxurious interior should choose a more expensive texture: satin or glossy.

Also of great importance is the interior of the room in which the ceiling will be installed and the taste preferences of the person who will see the ceiling every day.

How to choose a stretch ceiling

Not the last place is how the suspended ceiling was installed. Usually the ceiling is installed in three hours without unnecessary trouble. You should pay attention to which mounting the ceiling will be fixed. In total there are two options for fixing the ceiling: harpoon and wedge. The best option would be to choose a harpoon fastening system, because, unlike wedge-shaped, it allows you to hold water and remove the ceiling if necessary.

Variants of stretch ceilings in our time a great many, so the only problem when choosing will be to determine the color and texture, as well as the shape of the stretch ceiling.

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