Bathroom Bathroom
A country house without a bath today is probably impossible to imagine. After all, how good is the day off to spend in the bath with numerous friends or relatives, and even with health benefits! Receive joy ...


Bath - a traditional building, which can often be found in suburban areas. This is a great place not only for a pleasant, but also for a healthy holiday with a favorable effect on health. If you do not have a bath, but you want to build it, on this page you will find recommendations and instructions for construction. The rubric will be interesting to those people who already have their own bath. Here you can find valuable tips for the care of the room, proper preparation of the bath for use, as well as other useful recommendations. They will be interesting to every owner of the bath and the owner of the suburban area where it is planned to build it.

We are working on active filling of the section, so you can regularly notice how new records are added. Materials concern not only the construction of the bath, but also affect related topics. The articles are executed both in the form of manuals with a sequence of actions and photographs, and in the form of collections of recommendations and advice. Take them into service in order to build a truly durable, reliable and high-quality bath, and then maintain it in excellent condition for as long as possible.