Foundation Foundation
Building a foundation using the TISE technology is suitable for structures of various complexities and can be made on virtually any soil, with the exception of rocky soil. A characteristic feature is that the design can be ...


The foundation - the basis of any at least some serious structure. If you make mistakes when laying the foundation and do not eliminate them in time, then this can lead to serious consequences. It is not necessary to pay big money for the services of builders - you can make a foundation for a house or for any household construction with your own hands. Before this, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with this section of our portal in order to tighten the theory and see the instructions. Give it your time right now - it will take less time to read the materials than to correct errors!

Especially for you, we have collected only the most useful articles that can be applied in practice. Step-by-step tutorials with a sequence of actions, overview descriptions, recommendations and selection of tips on the choice of materials, arrangement and maintenance of the foundation are presented. Take advantage of the information from the submissions in order not to make dangerous mistakes when working independently. We regularly replenish the collection of articles on the construction of the foundation, so please refer to this page more often - so you will not miss valuable instructions!

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