The foundation of technology TISE do it yourself

Posted by: 21.01.2018

Building a foundation using the TISE technology is suitable for structures of various complexities and can be made on virtually any soil, with the exception of rocky soil. A characteristic feature is that the design can be made of different materials - foam blocks, trees, bricks or bars. Characteristics and user reviews claim that according to calculations, the foundation of TISE technology is several times cheaper than the usual tape one and this is not strange, since much less concrete is used in its construction and the scale of earthworks is reduced.TISE technology foundation

The foundation of technology TISE has its own specific properties. It should disassemble their nuances.

The main feature of the construction of this type of foundation is that the width of the pillar should be not less than 60 centimeters in diameter, because it improves the quality of the pillar and prevents the soil from pulling out of the pile.

The stages of creating the foundation of technology TISE:

  1. Layout of the axes of the foundation;
  2. Marking of a pile field;
  3. Well drilling;
  4. Protection of well walls (against water and other liquids);
  5. The extrusion and design of cages in wells;
  6. Well Concreting;
  7. Marking of the grillage;
  8. Laying formwork grillage;
  9. Hardening grillage;
  10. Concreting grillage.

Tise piling

This is done by a separate tool - with a drill on the deepening of solidification, with an elevated level of groundwater, it is necessary to immediately pour it with concrete, because water can destroy the soil.

The procedure for the manufacture of piles TISE
The procedure for the manufacture of piles TISE

Strengthening the foundation of technology TISE

This is a very important and crucial moment, in the process of which the foundation of the TISE technology is being created, because with this, the support is protected from possible rupture. As a rule, for this purpose, valves with a diameter of approximately 10-12 mm are used. Instead of reinforcement, you can take any other long material, but we do not recommend using a pipe for this purpose, since when water gets into it and if the column is exposed to low temperatures, cracks may form, which subsequently lead to the destruction of the entire structure of the column.

Strengthening piles
Strengthening piles

Hardening grillage TISE

To do this, use valves with a diameter of 10-14 mm. Depending on the diameter of the reinforcement, select its number of rods:

  • 10mm – 8 pieces;
  • 12mm – 6 pieces;
  • 14 mm – 4 pieces.

At the corner points to the perpendicular walls of the formwork, the reinforcement should be a little lower.

Concreting piles TISE

First of all, it is necessary to install the reinforcement in the drilled well and pour the expansion, then the shirt and the pouring of the pole.

Concreting piles
Concreting piles

Construction of the foundation foundation TSUE

To build a foundation using TISE technology, it is necessary to perform the last step - the formation of a grillage, for this you need a gap in centimeters 10-15.

The formwork is done with the help of plates. It is desirable to concrete everything in the first two days, but the best option is to fill in in one day, this will help to make the sides of the foundation smoother.

Technology TISE - this is what you need, it will give you the opportunity to save money, as well as provide a quality foundation.

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