Porch Porch
The porch of the house allows you to get out of the house to the local area and back. It may seem to many that its construction, as well as its operation, is a simple matter. But actually it is not,...


The porch is a relatively simple and fairly common version of the extension to the house, the task of which is to facilitate access to a highly located house. Thanks to the comfort of the porch, you can not only enter the building quickly and easily, but also provide the door with protection from the adverse effects of the weather. Is your country house not yet equipped with a porch? This error needs to be fixed! Not a problem if you do not have knowledge on this topic. On our portal you will find a large selection of materials on how to equip the porch.

Statistics show that when building a porch, many homeowners make a number of critical mistakes, which is why it is either inconvenient or impossible to use the porch. To prevent a mistake, we recommend that you read the materials in this section. They are presented in the form of articles, step-by-step instructions and collections of tips. From them you will learn how to build a porch correctly, what such extensions are and what materials they are made from, what else you need to know about the maintenance of thresholds. Do not forget to regularly visit this section - we are gradually adding new materials on current topics.