Porch at home: important points and mistakes

Posted by: 14.11.2017

The porch of the house allows you to get out of the house to the local area and back. It may seem to many that its construction, as well as its operation, is a simple matter. But, in fact, it is not so, because the construction of the porch has many important details, if ignored, which, the porch will either quickly become useless, or its use will become dangerous.

Errors in the construction of the porch

The main tasks of the porch

This element of the house performs many tasks that you can not even think about, because the porch is so familiar part of the buildings. But in the case of construction it is better to know all of them and highlight the most important ones for yourself.

  1. The porch provides a comfortable and easy entry into the house or from home to the local area. This is his main task. Therefore, the design and proper design of the porch should be carefully considered.
  2. Also, the porch provides protection for the door and the part close to it inside the house. Thanks to this, the front door can last longer without much damage from the weather.
  3. The role of the "business card" at home is another most important task for the porch. When it looks cozy, it is in harmony with the house itself and the territory around it, it creates a very pleasant feeling and opinion about the owners.

The main mistakes in the construction of the porch

Errors in the construction of the porch can be done quite a lot. And then problems can begin as soon as possible. How to avoid these problems and prevent dangerous mistakes ?!

  1. The most important mistake is the wrong design of the porch. It is necessary to select the structure not only on the basis of their tastes and desires, but also on the basis of the convenience of lifting and lowering for all households. Since then it is difficult and expensive to remake the porch, but it will be a shame if someone every day has to use it with great difficulty. This also applies to railings and other fortifications in the structure.
  2. Discrepancy in weather conditions - also can ruin the lives of those who live in the house. Too slippery porch can make it very difficult to climb and descend, especially in winter, in places where it can be covered with ice. And the water accumulating in the rain near the entrance to the house will be an unpleasant obstacle on summer days. It is also best to carefully consider the protection of the door, stairs and platforms, otherwise everything will quickly become worthless.
  3. Also, "kill" the porch can desire to save and the wrong selection of materials. Since a porch is the outer part of the house; it is more susceptible to the harmful effects of the external environment than its internal parts. And those materials that will serve for a long time inside the house, on the porch will quickly lose their appearance and efficiency. Therefore, you only need to buy materials for the porch that can withstand changes in temperature, rain, snow and heavy loads. Also, do not take low-quality materials - they also quickly require replacement.

Of course, it is possible to build a porch with your own hands, but it will be better if the specialist identifies all potential dangers and suggests ways to solve them. Then it will please the owners for a long time and serve "as needed."

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