Requirements for advertising

We provide advertising services on the Internet, provided that the advertiser complies with the following requirements:

Requirements for the content of promotional materials:

1. Promotional materials must comply with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In particular, we do not accept ads that:

1.1. uses abusive words, obscene and offensive images, comparisons and expressions in relation to gender, race, nationality, profession, social categories, age, religious symbols, official state symbols;

1.2. is dishonest, unreliable, misleads the consumer, including:

contains inaccurate information about the product / service, contains standard elements of the user graphic interface that do not have the corresponding functionality directly in the advertising material, does not give a clear idea of ​​who is the source of the information contained in the advertising message;

1.3. encourages the commission of unlawful acts and / or calls for violence and cruelty;

1.4. It is an advertisement of a product that is prohibited in this way, at this time or in a given place.

2. We do not accept advertising related to tragic events, in particular, ads that contain the words “terrorist attack, murder, death, death, fire, explosion ...” in the text or key phrases.

3. The text of the advertisement must be compiled in Russian.

3.1. Allowed to use in advertising, along with the text in Russian, the text in a foreign language, provided that this text is identical in its content and technical design text in Russian.

3.2. If the site to which the link is included, included in the advertisement (“advertising link”), is written in a language different from the language of the advertisement, it is necessary to have information about it in the text of the advertisement.

4. Cost indicators should be specified in rubles, and, if necessary, in addition in foreign currency.

5. Advertising must correspond to the content of the page of the site to which the advertising link. For example, if an advertisement contains information about a discount, the advertising link should lead to that page of the advertiser's site, where this discount is clearly indicated.

5.1. Advertising of news resources containing information about a news article published on the advertiser's site should lead to the page of the site where the article is published. At the same time, the text of the advertisement should correspond to the title and content of the news article. In cases where the text of the advertisement contains provocative statements, has an ambiguous interpretation, can mislead the user, we are entitled to demand that the article’s headline fully matches the text of the advertisement.

5.2. From the text of the ad should be clear that it advertises the source, where you can read the news article.

5.3. If news headlines (articles) are used in a media banner, the indication of the source should be placed on the same slide with the title itself, and the font size of this text should be no less than the font size of the title itself.

6. The use of adjectives and / or information about the advantages of the advertised product over the goods in circulation in advertisements of the superlative degree is allowed if the specified information is confirmed by relevant research (conclusions, etc.) of third parties.

Advertiser site requirements:

7. On the advertiser's website page, to which the advertising link leads, no additional windows (PopUp or PopUnder) should be opened.

8. The page to which the advertising link leads should open correctly in the browser and should not contain script errors and programs.

9. Advertising is not allowed, leading to the site, the main purpose of which is to display ads. These include, for example, websites containing pages where more than half of the first-screen area is occupied by ad units.

10. Advertising of resources whose main activity is to fill out questionnaires and tests for receiving money or user contact information is prohibited.

11. If the page of the site to which the advertising link leads, during placement or during the advertising campaign does not respond or opens incorrectly, the placement will be suspended until the error is corrected.

Other requirements:

13. We reserve the right to reject any advertising material without giving a reason.